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Williams Family Legacy Group
The Legacy Group primary function is to serve the community as the glue to connect
businesses, government entities and community organizations with the people who are in need
of their services. The Legacy Group believes that God has already given everything that is
needed to eliminate poverty in our community. There are jobs and intervention programs that
exist at every level. The Legacy Group has taken a lead role of connecting up the people with
the assistance that they need to become the productive citizens that each want so desperately
to be. Employer will have a more productive job pool, if the program that already exist were
fully implemented. The tax base would be lowered if the employment number were increased in
the community. Businesses would benefit from a larger customer base, if the Legacy Group is
allowed and accepted to be a part of this growing community. It is our hope that you will
become a strong supporter and a sponsor of our mission.

Our Vision
1. Williams Family Legacy vision is a just community without poverty. We envision a community
in which people can influence decisions which affect their lives, enjoy their rights, and assume
their responsibilities as full citizens of a community in which all human beings are valued and
treated equally.

Our Purpose
2. The purpose of Williams Family Legacy is to help create lasting solutions to the injustice of
poverty. We are part of a community movement for change, one that empowers people to
create a future that is secure, just, and free from poverty.

Achieving our Purpose
3. Williams Family Legacy uses a combination of rights-based sustainable development
programs, public education, Fair Trade, campaigns, advocacy, and humanitarian assistance in
disasters and conflicts. In doing so, we seek to be innovative and practical, and to learn from
others in ways which will increase impact on a larger scale.
4. Williams Family Legacy challenges the structural causes of the injustice of poverty at local,
community and household levels, within the framework of rights-based development. We link
local to global, and we work with partners at all levels. We do so through direct and alliance-
based advocacy and campaigns,  by strengthening and empowering local organizations, by
helping people where necessary, and by assisting the development of structures which are
accountable to and directly benefit people living in poverty.
5. Williams Family Legacy recognizes the critical importance of gender justice, diversity, active
citizenship, transparency, good governance, and effectively responding to the environmental
and other crises that confront vulnerable communities and developing countries.
6. In the pursuit of its purpose Williams Family Legacy Group will be accountable to all
stakeholders, especially those living in poverty. We will be positive, optimistic, and committed,
and will reach out to engage and include others.

Our Beliefs
7. Everyone has a right to realize their potential, and to have the opportunity to live free of
poverty in a secure and more equitable world. We believe that, with the necessary human
action and political will, a just community without poverty is possible.
8. Williams Family Legacy subscribes to all international covenants on rights, and to the
Universal Declaration of Human Rights. People have basic rights: a right  to life and security; to
a sustainable livelihood; to be heard; to have an identity; and to have access to basic social
9. Poverty is a state in which people have little power and are denied an effective voice in
decisions which affect them. Poverty means little income, too few
assets, lack of access to basic services and opportunities, deep inequalities, ongoing
insecurity and little opportunity for development.
10. Poverty is rooted in inequality, and in human action or inaction. Poverty can be made worse
by natural disasters, human violence, oppression and environmental damage. It can be
maintained by institutions and economic mechanisms.
11. Women and girls are often the most oppressed by poverty; their needs and rights must be
central to eliminating it.
12. We face unprecedented changes and challenges in the 21st century, including climate
change and the consequences, famines and food price crises, global financial crises,
increasing humanitarian crises, energy limitations, proliferation of weapons, urbanization, and
natural resources shortages. These challenges can be met, but we need unprecedented levels
of global co-operation and cohesion to pursue the necessary changes.
13. Governments should be accountable to their people for the protection and promotion of
fundamental rights, and that all society’s institutions – governments, corporations,
organizations and groups, including Williams Family Legacy – should be accountable for the
impact of their actions on people and their economic, social, political and cultural rights.
14 Williams Family Legacy is non-secular, but open-minded and pluralistic. We welcome people
of all beliefs which advance human rights.

Working together
15. Williams Family Legacy is a confederation of affiliates with diverse backgrounds, all
dedicated to the achievement of Williams Family Legacy’ purpose and seeking maximum impact
by building on their respective strengths.
16. By working closely together, we will provide a clear and consistent approach across the
world, and will enhance our collective impact, our cost effectiveness, and will contribute to a
just world without poverty.

Three primary responses of the mission plan of the Williams Family Legacy Group are:

1.        Rapid Response Activities for life’s emergencies situations. This is our high interaction
profile; building long-term solutions into the need of those we assist while handling urgent
needs with a set of rapid-response activities.

2.        Developmental Programs for the building of long-term solutions where “All God’s
People” can work their own way out of their impoverished temporary situations. Some of these
programs will take years to develop and most will start at the grass roots community level. The
Ministry will establish good community based communications that will enable those seeking
our aid, to be assisted in finding the solutions to their impoverished state.

3.        Advocacy where the impoverishment of God’s People is caused by obstacles in the
infrastructures. Whether the barrier is caused by local, national or international rules and
regulation or the policies and practices of governments and international institutions or of a
corporation. The Williams Family Legacy will advocate of the behalf of “All God’s People”.
Bishop Lee Williams
heads our experienced
management team. The
Bishop brings an
intimate knowledge of
the fast paced Christian
Ministry, and the Sales
marketplace to the team
while providing strong
leadership and vision.
1. Rapid Response Activities for life’s emergencies situations.

ELECTRIC HOOK-UP or switch of Energy Companies (Texas, New
Jersey, New York,  Maryland and Pennsylvania) call 254-220-9264

GAS HOOK-UP (Georgia call 254-220-9264, Texas call 1-888-286-6700)


2. Developmental Programs for the building of long-term solutions...
For Business, Investment and/or Ministry Opportunities call 254-220-

3. Advocacy for re·liev·ing the impoverishment of All God’s People!

a T.G.W.O. Ministry
call 254-220-9264
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CALL LEE @ 254-220-9264
Williams Family Legacy Group (Amazon)
Contact: Bishop Lee Williams Body Align Phone 254-220-9264 Fax 254-405-5030
tgwo4bishop@yahoo.com        105 Cox Drive Suite B Harker Heights, Texas 76548

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